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You are fond of Newfies as much as we are? You have questions about this wonderful breed? You are looking for a puppy? You would like to visit our kennel? No problem – just call or send us an e-mail. You will be very welcome and we are looking forward to your visit!


Dogs are by nature keen on learning and they love getting your attention. So the dog‘s proper behaviour is very much depending on how you work with him. Did you actually know, that experted dog-trainers recommend approx. 3 hours of daily interaction to have a well behaved dog?  


But even if you can‘t spend that amount of time each and every day – it’s not too complicated to ensure a pleasant atmosphere and a perfect relationship between dog and handler.


We hope that you’ll find some interesting info about the wonderful Newfoundland dogs on our website. Do you miss any type of information? Are you interested in any specialist field of dog-keeping or do you have any ideas or recommendations for our site? Just send us a mail – we’re happy about any suggestions! [baer-vom-ermstal.de ]